*She-ro (Shee-row), noun: (a) female leader with the essence of Beyonce, fiery knowledge of Senator Elizabeth Warren, probably the arms and wisdom of Michelle Obama, and words of Chimimanda Ndogozie, along with something of Amal Clooney, including but not limited to her George.

(b) woman who is grounded in her morals and beliefs, with unwavering compassion and diligence in her professional and personal life. See also Olivia Pope.

Girl Power is a real thing and it got me a new job

I jokingly told a friend that “people keep throwing me jobs,” as my inbox would get new opportunities least three times in a week. Yes, I may succumb to the subscribe button one too many times (because I’m nosey), but you can’t tell me that it hasn’t paid off.

‘Where are all of these dozens of job opportunities coming from?’ you might ask.

I’ll tell you: Other nasty sorry, I mean nosey women. Women who are overly informed, inquisitive and hyper-connected, like me. Women who are leaders among their peers and know how to groom raw talent when they catch a whiff of it #Mentorship. Women who get things done and know how to network, pitch, dish and dive for needs to be met. Sheroes.

When my inbox pinged from a male colleague with an opportunity right before Christmas break of 2016, I simply did a double-take followed by a quick Google search then, no action. The same opportunity came from a trusted friend, co-signed and carbon copied by one of my actual, real-life sheroes. Less than 24-hours after New Year’s Day, I sent in my resume with a cover letter. Less than seven days later, I got an offer.

Is this sexist? Nah.

Is this the power of women cultivating meaningful relationships that are vital in the work world while simultaneously leveling the playing field, primarily dominated by males, so that we all can excel?

Yes, grasshopper.

Moral of this story:

I’m the new Communications Manager of the Woodward Hines Education Foundation for the Get2College program with my salary increased, my mission reinforced, and challenges fulfilled.

Be nosey.
Be diligent.
Keep sheroes in your life and use this word more often, because why not?


Chellese Hall, chellesehall.com

Girl Power

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