How we got here:

Lean In Mississippi is an outgrowth of the Awesome Women Circle, founded in July 2015. That group of 13 women came together out of a sense of frustration with the world around us, needing support and a safe place to discuss hopes, dreams, fears and obstacles. Lean In Mississippi is now a large group of women from all walks of life and a wide range of ages. Some are self-employed, others work for companies and non-profits large and small. In the first year, four of our original members landed new, bigger jobs, and all of us found inspiration and energy from the meetings and gatherings.

What’s next:
Mississippi is a unique place with unique strengths. In order for us to thrive in the coming years, we need to tap into *all* of the intellectual, spiritual and energetic potential available to us. Despite what some government representatives and business leaders seem to think, that means that we need to create a place where the ideas and ambitions of women are acknowledged, nurtured and valued. We have the opportunity to build a network that can create profound change for women – and that will rock the status quo.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact us using the form below or join our Facebook group.